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4 My Niggaz
All Out
Black Jesus 1
Black Jesus 2
Bury Me A G (Solo)
Catching Feelings
Cause I Had To
Days For
Deathrow Freestyle
Dont Call Me Bitch
Dont Stop
Everything I Owe
Fade Me
Fair Xchange
Fuck With Me
Get It On
Ghetto Gospel
Ghetto Star
Good Life
Grab the Mic
Hell 4 a Hustler
Hit Em Up 2
How Many Shots
Id Rather Be Your Lover
If You Really Want
I Wonder (Original)
Late Nite 1
Late Nite 2
Lets Fight
Letter 2 the President
Life So Hard (Original)
Live at Gardens
Military Mind
Mind of a Young Black Nigga
My Closest Dogs
My Lil Homies
Never Be Peace
One Nation
Pacs Life
Pain (Remix)
Play Your Cards Right
Resist Temptation
Ru Still Down (Original)
Secrets of War
Soldier Story 2
Soon As I Get Home
Still I Rise
Street Fame
Street Life
Tear Drops and Closed Caskets
Tearz of a Clown
They Dont Give
Things are Changing
This Life I Lead
Thug Life I Lead
Thug In Me
Thug Life
Thug Luv (Remix)
Thug Nation
Thug Nigga
Thugs Get Lonely Too
Time After Time
Troublesome (Original)
Under President 2
Until the End of Time
What Changes Do
What Goes On
What Ill Do For Love
Whats Next
When thugs Cry
When We Ride On Our Enemies
Where Ever You Are
Where My Soldiers At
Who Do You Believe In
Why You Turn On Me
Wiping Niggaz Off the Planet
Wrote Glory
You Dont Have To
You Niggaz Did Too

These Sounds were taken from Tupac Headquarters...
Mind of a Young Black Nigga, Letter 2 the President,
and Troublesome '96 are my works.